Manufacturer: Vermodje 

Substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Package:  100tabs x 10mg / tab



The use of health supplements has always been considered as a stepping stone for success by the sports personalities. Turinover is one of the highly administered oral steroids among the athletes and the professional bodybuilders. The key to their success has been manufactured by Vermodje which is a reputed pharmaceutical company. They manufacture genuine and high quality products for ensuring quality results among the users. Its active substance is none other than the powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid Chlorodemidomethyltestosterone (CDMT).


The key feature of the product Turniover

Turinover been manufactured by Vermodje is also known as Oral Turinabol which is a by-product of the substance methandienone. This is named in the hall of fame of health supplements for professional bodybuilders. Though it is not a bulking substance, but it has the property of zero aromatization. CDMT is also favored by individuals having an issue with the estrogenic impacts of a health supplement. Hence, the gains derived from its administration are pure and long-lasting.


Major benefits of using Chlorodemidomethyltestosterone

In general, CDMT is no good in terms of bulking up muscles, but the other benefits are highly preferred. The reactions might take some time for getting into action, however the wait is worth it. Athletes gain results without gaining extra weight. They can tighten up their muscles, improve strength, gain lean muscle mass, etc. These benefits are preferred by the fitness enthusiasts.


The appropriate dose of Turniover

The male bodybuilders can use within the range of 20-40mg/day. The appropriate dosage for female bodybuilders is 5mg/day.

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