Testosteron Depot 250 EIFELFANGO 5X1ML [250mg/ml]


Manufacturer: Eifelfango

Substance: Testosterone Enanthate

Pack: 250mg/ml (5x1ml amp)


Testosterone Enanthate is an oil based injectable steroid, which is designed to slowly release Testosterone from the injection site (depot). However, Testosterone- Depot 250 mg by Eifelfango contains Testosterone Enanthate. The product is also popularly known as Test E and it is one of the most commonly used forms of Testosterone by the persons who are on a steroid cycle. Moreover, it is better to say that it is one of the affordable and most effective forms of Testosterone available that can help in enhancing strength and building muscle mass. In fact, the product is also helpful for losing fat from the body in a short span of time.

It is said that Testosterone Enanthate is one of the earliest forms of anabolic steroids that was commonly available in the day used by a maximum number of bodybuilders and still, it is one of the most popular choices in bodybuilding community for its potential function.

Positive features of using Testosterone Enanthate

When it comes to using steroid supplements, you must know whether they have benefits before consuming the products.  However, when its topic of Testosterone Enanthate, it can be said that it is nothing short but amazing. Hence, some of the benefits of the product are-

  • Help in improving athletic performance.
  • Increase energy level and enhance sex drive.
  • Help in reducing excessive body fat.
  • Help in increasing strength power.


For beginners, it should be the small dosage of 250mg per week. Professional bodybuilders often dose at 500 to 750 mg. This level is quite enough to gain both strength and perfect body weight.

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