Manufacturer: NasPharma

Substance: Testosterone propionate

Package:  100mg / ml (10x1ml amp)


Basically, testosterone propionate is used for the progress and development of male reproductive organs and also do maintain the secondary sexual characteristics. This product increases the protein anabolism and reduces protein catabolism. This steroid is also known as one of the fast acting testosterone due to effects that begin on the very first day.

This is the drug which allegedly has all the advantages of other testosterones. It not only provides the rapid strength and increased muscle mass, aggressiveness in training along with rapid recovery after training. There are also an improved appetite has seen after one or two days of administration of this drug.

Basic information: Market name of this anabolic drug is testosterone propionate. It is consider under the anabolic or androgenic drug class. Usually, the brands those are common for this product is testovis, testolic, testosterone proprionate. For injections, the dose will be 25 mg/ml, 50 mg/ml, and 100 mg/ml generally.

Dosages: One can easily gain these above discussed benefits if taken with following the scheduled regular course of intake. The usual dose for men varies within 50-200 mg every 1-2 days and for women, it is about 50-100 mg per week is appreciate-able. Before adding any extra dosage, one must consult with his or her general physician or dietician for betterment.

Side Effects: User is highly advised to take this drug with following the scheduled amounts. Otherwise, excessive intake will bring several problems, like nausea, vomiting, headache, pores, and also it changes the skin color along with increasing pimples, oiliness.

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