Manufacturer: General European Pharm

Substance: Stanozolol

Package: 10ml vial [50mg / 1ml]



Stanozolic is a strong anabolic steroid and it has proved its effectiveness to gain healthy muscle mass quickly. Actually, besides the gaining of muscle mass, it also helps to lower the stubborn subcutaneous fat. Nowadays a lot of people are struggling with their too fatty or too skinny shape and have tried a lot of remedies to improve their physical condition but found nothing effective. But by using Stanozolic getting the dry and vascular body is very easy.

Benefits– if you are a sports fan then you may have heard the term ‘anabolic steroids’, actually, it is the secret of the amazing athletic performances and larger muscles. This strong anabolic steroid stops the effectiveness of Cortisol hormone. The human body is bound to produce the stress hormone and it is the main reason for muscle tissue collapse. And after a lot of exercise achieving the attractive muscles seems harder but this steroid will prevent the activity of the stress hormone and directs the body to recover the muscle tissues faster. Along with these, anabolic steroids produce a lot of red blood cells in the body and these cells carry more oxygen to the muscles. Oxygen acts as the fuel to produce more energy.

Dosage-men can take 50-100mg once every two day or every day and women can use stanzolol in the injectable form 25mg weekly or one time 50mg.

Side effects– by using Stanzolic of GEP, no side effects are observed but few negotiable side effects like acne, baldness or strain on the liver can cause.

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