– Chemical Substance : PT 141(bremelanotide)

– Manufacturer: Bio-Peptide
– Pack: 10mg


Each and every individual desire for leading a healthy and happy life. They have to remain both physically as well as mentally fit for sustaining a normal life. However, the problem of sexual dysfunction in male and female could become a huge hindrance to the lives of both the individuals. They can gain immense benefit by administering the peptide PT-141 also known as Bremelanotide. It is synthetically derived and manufactured by the renowned manufacturer Bio Peptide. These are found in the size of 10mg per vial to be administered as per recommended.

The unique property for administering Bremelanotide

PT 141 is a generic term given to a research peptide that was used for improvising the issue of sexual dysfunction. This peptide is safe to be administered by both men and women and has the potentiality of working on both. This peptide is derived from another peptide but has got a completely different function to treat. It does not create an impact on the vascular system, but increases sexual desires by sending signals into the brain.

The appropriate dosage for administering PT-141

It is safe to be used by both men and women, the proportion will definitely differ. However, calculating the exact proportion of dose to be administered is not possible for an ordinary person. Several factors are responsible for the proportion and overdosing could lead to a severe effect on the health of the users. Hence, it is suggested to take the consultation of a professional health expert as they can offer the best advice related to it.

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