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The Proviron is a very powerful anti-estrogen. It prevents gynecomastia while decreasing water retention and fat, it allows the recovery of testosterone production in the testicles and prevents the aromatization of anabolic steroids.
  • Laboratory : Bayer-Schering,
  • Form : Oral,
  • Molecule : Mesterolone ,
  • Concentration : 25mg/tabs,
  • Presentation : 50 Tabs,
  • Recommended Dosage : 25mg/day


Proviron manufactured by Bayer Schering is one of the oldest medications found on the market. Its key substance is none other than the powerful and potent steroid Mesterolone. This product has passed the test of time for emerging as a highly popular health supplement among the professional users. The health product has not only got properties to provide physical attribute, but also for medical purposes.

A unique property of Proviron

Basically, all the health supplements have some features or traits of anabolic compounds in it.  But, Mesterolone is one of the rarest forms of steroids that do not have any trait of the anabolic compound. It has only the properties of androgenic elements. Even though it is a slow acting health supplement, but is favored by the fitness enthusiasts for its amazing properties.

The key properties of administering Mesterolone

The professional bodybuilders gain the benefits of strengthening their muscle mass and building strong muscles. In the later period, Proviron manufactured by Bayer Schering is also used in the PCT cycle with other health compounds.

The recommended dosage of Proviron

The use of Mesterolone for attaining physical attributes by a beginner user is recommended as 25 mg taken three times a day. As for the bodybuilders, they have to take the dosage of 50-150 mg per day for gaining the results they intend for gaining. However, this health supplement is specifically meant for men as women are exempted from its usage. But, for avoiding any sort of complication or side-effects, the individuals must get consulted by a professional health expert.

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