Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh

Substance: Oxymetholone

Package: 50tabs x 50mg / tab




A highly effective anabolic or androgenic steroid, Oxythol is composed by Oxymetholone. Manufactured by Shree Venkatesh, this health compound basically comes in the oral forms. This is one of the most popular fitness stimulating products those increase the production of healthy red blood cells in the body and the body mass as well.  It is a synthetic form of testosterone that serves wonderfully to cure numerous health issues.


Learn its crucial advantages

Its usage is immense in the medical fields. Along with accelerating the construction of red bold cells it also helps in building strong muscles. Hence, along with the medical grounds, its use is also celebrated in the field of bodybuilding. This is popular that it is given a stand next to another steroid. In the realm of athletics, Oxythol manufactured by Shree Venkatesh boosts up the performances of an individual. Besides, as a healthy weight stimulator, it is given to the patients suffering from poor weight.


The notorious side effects of Oxythol

The over dosage of Oxythol can cause severe health problems regarding liver spleen and heart. Besides, it can also affect the sex life of an individual. It can also cause water retention, loss of appetite, joint swellings and problematic others.


The common dosage of Oxythol

An appropriate dose of this health elevator can help to beat the side effects. Based on the physical weight of an individual the quantity of its intake differs from person to person. For both the adults and the children the safe use demands approximately 1.5 to 2 mg per kg.

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