Manufacturer: Oxymetholic GEP

Substance: Oxymetholone

Package: 96tabs x 10mg / tab



The anabolic and androgenic properties present in steroids have made it a huge among the fitness enthusiasts as well as the athletes. Oxymetholic manufactured by General European Pharm has created a great impact in enhancing the physical features of its users. The athletes who have administered the health supplement have believed it to be made up of some magical elements.

The astonishing characteristic of Oxymetholic

The magical element is nothing but the powerful substance Oxymetholone that also goes well with the name of Anadrol. The substance is highly enriched with the properties of androgenic and anabolic features. The presence of the amazing features has made it an impactful health supplement. If used in the adequate proportion it can serve various magnificent reactions.

Key benefits of administering Oxymetholic

The manufacturer of Oxymetholic is General European Pharm (GEP) which is a reputed name in the respective field. They have worked on enhancing the properties of the health supplement for making it worth to be used by all the fitness enthusiasts.

The renowned athletes have found it highly impactful for enhancing their performance in the respective field. The fitness enthusiasts have used it for the session of cutting cycle being stacked with other compounds. Oxymetholone can also be administered for boosting the level of strength.

The appropriate dosage of Oxymetholic

This is an oral tablet whose dosage of 50-150 mg per day is good enough for gaining effective results. It is suggested that users may seek the guidance of an expert prior to administering the product.

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