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Anavar was the old U.s. brand name for the oral steroid oxandrolone, initially handled in 1964 by the medication producer Searle.

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Oxandrolone is the brand name of the powerful oral steroid Anavar. This is one of the highly effective health compounds that have ever hit the market. It was developed with the sheer idea of using it as a stimulant for the fitness conscious individuals. The anabolic properties of the substance have made it an instant hit among the professional bodybuilders and athletes. The manufacturer of Oxandrolone is none other than the renowned pharmaceutical company Genesis Pharmaceuticals.

The key feature of Anavar

One of its quality features is the suitability of the product for both men and women. Unlike other health supplements, Anavar is absolutely safe to be used by female fitness enthusiasts. However, the proportion of dosage differs from that of male users. In the steroidal chart’s list, Anavar is depicted in the list of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that has got a less androgenic effect.

Major reasons for administering Oxandrolone

The bodybuilders and the athletes prefer to use Oxandrolone manufactured by Genesis Pharmaceuticals for its property of building muscles rapidly. The fitness enthusiastic individuals can also gain sleek and lean body shape when they administer the dosage along with regular exercising.

The appropriate dosage for Anavar

The adequate intake of the proportion of Anavar is quite effective for gaining results. However, an overdose of the product could bring some serious side-effects. Generally, the regular users get satiating results with a dosage of 40-100mg/day. The proportion is to be divided into equal parts for administering twice daily. For a clear view, consulting a health expert is recommended.

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