Manufacturer: General European Pharm (GEP)

Substance: Oxandrolone

Package: 96tabs x 10mg / tab



Several of the sportspersons of the sports realm has taken the support of effective and potent health supplements. One of the highly cherished compounds has been Oxandrolic being manufactured by General European Pharm. This is praised immensely in the field of bodybuilding as it helps in retaining string and powerful muscle mass. Even athletes have considered it as an impactful steroid.

The key features of Oxandrolic

The substance present in Oxandrolic that makes it so impactful is nothing else but Oxandrolone or Anadrol. This is one of the highly appreciated products in the steroid market, having immense features to boost to its users. One of the key features of Anadrol is it contains a major proportion of anabolic compound irrespective of its androgenic side-effects. Hence, this makes it a preferred one among the health enthusiasts.

Major advantages of administering Anadrol

This is not only used by the bodybuilders but is simultaneously praised by other athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The athletes use it for enhancing their level of performance in their respective fields. The fitness enthusiasts prefer it for the property of rendering lean muscles with exercising after losing fat. As it is free from the androgenic effects the weight gained is pure without the effect of aromatization.

The appropriate dosage of using Oxandrolic

The exact dosage of Oxandrolic manufactured by General European Pharm can be defined by the experts. The regular users have found it effective with a mere dosage tablet of 15 – 25 mg per day. But, it could differ in terms of the requirement.

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