Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh

Substance: Oxandrolone

Package: 50tabs x 10mg / tab




This health elevator, a mild androgenic or anabolic steroid is manufactured by Shree Venkatesh. Most popular among the women Oxadrol is really mild on the health of the user on the basis of side effects. It builds strong muscles and also stimulates the healing procedure of the injuries. Hence, it is given to the patients suffering from varied health problems to regain their healthy weight after the surgeries or diseases. Oxadrol composed by oxandrolone is mainly administrated in its oral dosages.


The optimal benefits of Oxadrol

Along with accelerating the growth of stronger muscles, it is also used to cure the injury caused during exercising. Oxandrolone holds wonderful healing and reviving properties that help the athletes. Hence, individuals who want to regain their fitness and enhance performance can switch to it. The bodybuilders and athletes prefer it.

The side effects to be aware of

A wrong administration or overdose of Oxadrol can promote several health complications like skin problems, respiratory issues etc. The excess of dosage can also cause liver problems, erectile dysfunctions of the penis and other sex problems in both men and women.

It is beneficial to learn the appropriate dosage

A knowledgeable health expert can help an individual to choose a perfect dosage of Oxadrol produced by Shree Venkatesh. Basically, for men, an apt dose includes 25 to 50mg per day and it is 5to 20mg for the women. A double dose at a day can generate health issues hence, it is very important to be aware of the safe usage of Oxadrol.

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