Manufacturer: Jelfa

Substance: Testosterone Blend

Package:  250mg / ml (5x1ml amp)



One of the greatest productions of the renowned steroid manufacturer Jelfa is the highly-effective anabolic and androgenic steroid Omnadren. This steroid is mainly present in the injectable form. It was developed by the use of four testosterone esters blend. So, it is present in soluble oil form in the market. It is highly identical to Sustanon 250 which is undoubtedly one of the most popular mixes ever made. The idea of developing this steroid is to provide short and long lasting ester testosterone in a single shot of injection.

Its fabulous therapeutic effects on the human body have made it a good choice for many regular people also. The person taking Omnadren is found to get increased muscle mass and strength both. Also, the red blood count of the user is enhanced to a great extent. This is what makes it a good choice among the bodybuilders and athletes.

Details about this steroid

Name of the Drug: testosterone Mix

Class of the Drug: Anabolic / androgenic steroid

Commonly used trade names: Sustanon 250, Omnadren 250, Testosterone Compound

Amount of drugs available: Injections: 250mg / ml

Doses of this drug

The best results are achieved by an athlete if he/she is aiming to increase muscle mass and power when Omnadren is taken 250 to 750 mg per week (1-3 ampoules). If the person is aiming to increase more weight, it is simply advised to raise the dosages to 1000 mg per week. The effects will be noticed very soon after that.

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