Manufacturer: Vermodje

Substance: Metandienone

Package:  100tabs x 10mg / tab



Having spectacular muscles is now a prime need for millions of individuals and needless to say that, they are taking the help of steroids in order to accelerate the gain. If you are looking for rapid muscle gain Naposim 10 from Vermodje can be a great supplement for you!

If you are looking for a great mass gain, this should certainly be your pick! It can provide you with 1-3 kg of bodyweight every week. This is the reason, it is commonly called as “steroid mass”.


The key substance of this supplement is Methandrostenolone which is a great anabolic supplements and this is the reason, the users should be careful about the dosage of it. It is available in oral form and the recommended dosage is 50mg-100mg for the professional bodybuilders while the beginners should start with 20-50mg per day. however, on certain conditions, the dosage can be increased but with proper certification from  professional and certified physician.

Side effects

Adverse reactions from Naposim 10 is very common if proper dosage and administration is not followed. There are some common side effects which are; anemia, vomiting, hair fall, headache, chest pain, skin rashes and others however, proper administration can set you free from these common issues.

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