Manufacturer: Norma

Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate

Package:  2ml amp [100mg / 1ml]


One of the earliest developed steroids during the increasing growth of commercial steroids is the nandrolone decanoate injection. It is first made available as a prescribed compound in the year 1962.

It was first discovered to teat various health issues like anemia, chronic renal failure, osteoporosis and AIDS-associated loss syndrome. But, after finding its other types of body and performance enhancement features, bodybuilders and athletes have started using it as a parenteral anabolic steroid. As it increases the red blood cell count and hemoglobin of the user, so the oxygen count also gets boosted. This enables the users to perform more exercise without getting fatigue for a longer duration.

It was approved by the FDA in the year 1983 and then changed into controlled substance in the year 1991. The best manufacturer of this steroid product is the Norma. Their product gives the best result above all others.

Information of this steroid

Drug name: Nandrolone Decanoate

Class of the drug: Anabolic / androgenic steroids.

Brand names commonly used for this steroid: Deca Durabolin, Nandrolone Decanoate

Amount of drugs commonly available: Injections: 25 mg / ml, 50 mg / ml, 100 mg / ml, 200 mg / ml, 250 mg / ml


It is usually recommended to take under the supervision of and expert or physician. For men, the appropriate dosage is considered as 400 – 600 mg per week. And for the women, it is usually recommended to take 50 – 100 mg per week.

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