Manufacturer: General European Pharm

Substance: drostanolone propionate

Package: 10 ml vial [100mg / 1ml]



Masterolic is a very popular androgenic steroid that is used to strengthening the muscles of the human body. It is a derivative of DHT or dihydrotestosterone that is chemically referred as 2-alpha-methyldihydrotestosterone. Drostanolone propionate is one of the primary substances that are used to create Masterolic in the lab. It is commonly known as Masteron in the steroid market. The injectable form of Masterolic is available in a 10 ml vial in the market. It can help improving the hardness of the muscle as well as forming as a well-structured and attractive body. It can also be very helpful in burning the excess fats of your body. The half-life of masteron propionate is 3-4 days which is lesser than masteron enanthate.

There are many manufacturers that produce Masterolic synthetically in the lab. General European Pharm(GEP) is one of such reputed manufacturer that produces Masterolic with high-quality and effective substances.

General Information

Drostanolone propionate is a well-known steroid product that belongs to the category of anabolic or androgenic steroid classes. Some of the other common brand names of Drostanolone propionate are Mastabol, Masteron. The common drug quantity that is used in a Masterolic injection is 50-100 mg/ ml.


To get all the benefits of Drostanolone Propionate, you must follow the dosage and cycles properly. The commonly prescribed dosage of the Drostanolone Propionate is 300- 500 mg/ week or 50- 100 mg per 2 days.


  • It helps to increase the hardness of the human muscles.
  • It can also help you to get a well-structured body quickly.
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