Manufacturer: General European Pharm

Substance: drostanolone propionate

Package: 10x1ml [100mg / 1ml]



Masterolic is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone that is quite popular among the bodybuilding community. The chemical structure of it is referred as 2-alpha-methyldihydrotestosterone. It is a well-known anabolic steroid product that the bodybuilders use to gain the hardness of the muscles. Drostanolone propionate is one of the common and primary substances of the Masterolic that is also known as Masteron. It is generally found in the market in the form of injections. It can also be very helpful in transform the vascular appearance of a bodybuilder. It also energizes the muscle tissues to improve the shape of the muscles.

Among the various manufacturers of Masterolic, general European Pharm(GEP) is one of reputed name that produces Masterolic with quality substances. It is renowned manufacturer brand that produces anabolic steroids using the high-quality substances. You will find the Masterolic available in the market in the pack of 10x1ml i.e. 100 mg /ml.

General Information

Drostanolone propionate is a popular substance that comes under the class of anabolic or androgenic steroids. It is also known as the other common brand names i.e. Mastabol, Masteron. The common drug quantity that is usually used in an injection is 50 mg-100 mg/ ml.


Excessive usage of Drostanolone propionate can produce lots of side-effects inside the body. So, you must take it in a proper dosage that is recommended by the experts. The common dosage of Drostanolone propionate that most of the people use is in the range of 300 -500 mg per week.


  • It helps to strengthen the muscle tissues and increase the hardness of the muscles.
  • It can provide with fast results in developing a well-structured body.
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