– Manufacturer: Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong
– Pack: 1mg
– Chemical Substance : IGF LR3


IGF LR3 is a popular polypeptide hormone that has same molecular properties as the insulin. The initial of the supplement IGF stands for the insulin-like growth factor. This hormone is mainly responsible for the growth of bones in children. But, after few researches, scientists have found a way to synthesize it artificially in laboratories which is also beneficial for the adults.

It enhances the muscle growth and recovery rate of the adults making it the best choice of many bodybuilders and athletes. People consume this supplement to enhance their physical traits. Due to its faster recovery ability, many people use it during their steroid and PCT cycle.

Some traits possible to achieve with IGF LR3

  • Those who are looking for something to help their with their muscle building works, this is it. People using IGF LR3 are found to have gained amazing bulky body within few weeks.
  • The stamina of the user also gets doubled, so the person is able to perform better during a workout session and exercise.


Mostly it is recommended to take 20 mcg/day to 120+ mcg/day. But, as every individual is different, so it will be better to consult an expert before jumping to any conclusion and use this sophisticated product.

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