– Manufacturer: Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong
– Pack: 5mg
– Chemical Substance : HGH Fragment 176-191


HGH Fragment 176-191 is one of the renowned and popularly used peptide hormones of the Growth Hormone. Especially, this fragment of the HGH is known to give amazing fat cutting effect as compared to other fragments of the same substance.

More and more athletes prefer to use it over other fat burning health supplements because of its incredible potential to provide toned and slim body within a shorter duration. So, the person is able to prepare himself quickly for an upcoming event.

To get the maximum benefits out of this supplement, you have to use the product manufactured by a renowned and certified manufacturer. And the best manufacturer of HGH Fragment 176-191 is the Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong. Use their product to feel the difference yourself.

It is mainly available is the package of 5 mg. The main substance present in this product is HGH Fragment 176-191. One of the greatest traits of this product is that it does not affect the muscle mass of the users. So, there will be no change in the overall mass of the user.


For the best doses of this product, consult a physician or expert. Improper use of this product can be highly harmful for your body.

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