– Manufacturer: Biosira Pharmaceuticals

– Pack: 100 tablets (10mg/tab)

– Chemical Substance : Fluoxymesterone


Halotex Biosira is some of those popular oral steroids whose androgenic property is more than the anabolic ones. The finest quality Halotex Biosira is manufactured by the Biosira Pharmaceuticals. Their products are known to provide a guaranteed result within a shorter period of time. So, whenever you plan to use this steroid, use the products manufactured by this manufacturer only.

The Halotex Biosira manufactured by the Biosira Pharmaceuticals is available in a package containing 100 tablets. Mainly each tablet contains 10 mg. The prime chemical substance present in this steroid is the Fluoxymesterone. This substance is known to have various powerful traits. Those traits make it popular among the bodybuilders as well as the athletes.

Some of the benefits of using Halotex Biosira

  • This steroid has the potential to increase the aggressiveness along with the stamina of the users. So, the users are able to perform more exercises and workouts as compared to others.
  • The protein synthesizing ability of the users gets boosted. So, the users are found to achieve a good muscle mass within a shorter duration of time.
  • The recovery time of the users also get enhanced. So, the person is able to perform quick exercises and workouts within a shorter range of time. This enables the person to restrict fatigue for longer duration also.


The doses of this steroid vary a lot from person to person. So, the best thing will be to consult an expert for using any of its dosages. It will help you to get the desired result while keeping the side effects away.

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