– Manufacturer: Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong
– Pack: 1mg
– Chemical Substance : Follistatin 344


The requirement of quality muscles will always be there and this is the reason why the experienced users prefer to take the substances and supplements. When talking about the substances for muscle growth, Follistatin 344 is one of the most preferred by the regular users.

It offers dramatic results for increasing the muscle mass and it also works as  Myostatin inhibitor. The supplement has been tested many a times and has shown great results for muscle block building. It offers more of nitrogen retention and lesser water retention. This actually helps the growth and retention of the muscles.

Administration: Much like the administration of all the anabolic supplements, Follistatin 344 should also be consumed or injected with great care and attention. The dosage would play a very important role in deciding the benefits from this substance. It is seen that the proper dosage would vary from one individual to another however, it is of great importance to discuss the same with professional physician.

Side effects: It is very obvious with the supplements to come across some side effects but, it is seen that many of the side effects can be recovered or prevented by following the appropriate dosage and maintaining the right amount of hydration in the body. Considering the positive impacts that it has, the side effects are negligible.

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