Testosterone Enanthate Cooper Pharma 5ml [250mg/ml]


Manufacturer: Cooper Pharma

Substance: Testosterone Enanthate

Package:  250mg / ml (5x1ml amp)


The multiple effectiveness of testosterone doesn’t need any introduction. This effective hormone is responsible for various physical activities and growth. The synthetic form of this parent hormone is available and the enanthate ester form is just tight to uphold the effectiveness of this substance for a longer duration in the body. This ester is available as injectable form that enhances its functionality manifolds.

Lots of companies produce this synthetic substance with different names but, if you are looking for the best quality product with reasonable price, you should opt for Cooper Pharma products. The company not just serve the real products at reasonable price, they are committed about the genuineness as well.


One needs to be precise with the dosage of any injectable substance. This has direct impact on the bloodstream and that’s the reason, the dosage should be just exact. The substance is slowly released after it is injected and this is why more than 1-2 injections in a month is not recommended. However, if it is being used for any medical purposes, a dose of 250-500mg can be used on a monthly basis although, expert’s opinion is always recommended.


In order to achieve the best result out of this enanthate ester of testosterone by Cooper Pharma, it is important to follow the exact dosage and more than 1000 mg per month not recommended without proper medical prescription.

Side effects

Like most other synthetic anabolic substance, this ester form of testosterone too has some side effects. This includes; irregular menstrual cycle, virilizing effects, deepening of voice, painful penile erection, hair loss, pimples and others. One can get rid of these negligible side effects by following proper dosage and sufficient drinking of water.

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