Manufacturer: Vermodje

Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate

Package: 10ml vial [250mg / 1ml]


Decaver Vermodje is one of the commonly used anabolic steroids by the people, actually, this supplement is enriched with all the anabolic benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate (substance) has proved its effectiveness in the bodybuilding purpose. Actually, it is a parenteral anabolic steroid and it used to treat anemia, chronic renal failure, osteoporosis and AIDS-associated loss syndrome. And it has a significant effect to increase hemoglobin and red blood cells mass in the body. Not only cure diseases but Decaver is also used to get the ever desired figure with larger and stronger muscles and to improve the strength of the body.

Benefits- by taking it a lot of people are happy because to get their ever desired shape they spent a lot of time in the gym but somehow they cannot reach their health goal but with the Decaver Vermodje it becomes very easy for them. Actually, anabolic steroids prevent the effectiveness of the Cortisol, the stress hormone and direct the body to recover the muscles tissues fast. Except for this, it increases the red blood cells in the body and these cells carry a lot of oxygen to the muscles and the human feel more energetic as the oxygen acts as the fuel to produce more energy.

Dosage- there is the common dose for the men and that is 300-800mg per week and the females can take 50-100mg per week.

Side effects– few side effects like the change in sexual behavior, diarrhea, hair loss, headache, sleeping discomfort etc can be noticed.

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