– Manufacturer: Biosira Pharmaceuticals
– Pack: 100 tablets (10mg/tab)
– Chemical Substance : Oxandrolone


Anabolic steroids are known to serve the benefits for muscle building and fat reducing but, there are plenty such steroids that has various therapeutic uses as well and Oxandrolone is one of those. This substance is also known as “the girl steroid” because of its effective use by the women. Biosira Pharmaceuticals has created Xanavar with this supplement and this is very effective to create lean muscles as well. The therapeutic use of this supplement is for quality weight gain after any severe disease or surgery that may include patients of HIV and cancer as well.

The substance is also very effective for nitrogen retention into the muscles which is very essential to provide quality muscles to the users. To achieve all these benefits, one needs to follow adequate administration of the supplement.

Administration: Each anabolic supplement has a specific cycle and the required dosage should be followed for that particular time. in this instance, the standard dosage for Xanavar is 40-100mg per day however, it should be started with a dosage as lower as 5-10mg per day. This is the standard dosage and after continuing the same for 2-4 weeks, the dosage can be increased after a short break. However, this will have always great significance to consult with a professional physician regarding the dosage.

Side effects: The substance doesn’t carry any estrogenic effects which is a great thing but, it do offer some androgenic side effects like; virilization in women, acne, oily skin, possible hair loss and etc. although these can be solved with proper administration.

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