– Manufacturer: Bioniche Pharmaceuticals

– Pack: 60 tablets (25mg/tablet)

– Chemical Substance : Masterolone

Pharmaceutical Grade Product.


Proviron manufactured by Bioniche Pharm is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is used by the fitness conscious individuals. It contains the powerful substance Mesterolone that helps in rendering some immense benefits from its administration. This is an oral health supplement that has always been preferred by the professional bodybuilders and athletes.

The main characteristic of Mesterolone

Besides, being used as an element for gaining physical attributes, it has also been used for some medical purposes. It is one of the oldest forms of steroids that is still available in the online market. But, it is also one of the rarest of health supplements that depict no anabolic activity. Even though it is not one of the fastest reacting health products, but it has attained popularity for its genuine properties.

Major benefits of administering Proviron

Bioniche Pharm has manufactured Proviron for the sheer motive of rendering quality gains. The individuals consuming the oral tablets of Mesterolone can experience a strengthening of muscles and pure muscle building. This is also used by the professional bodybuilders during their PCT cycle with other health compounds. It also improvises libido in men.

The effective dosage required for gaining effective results

The proportion of dosage of Mesterolone depends on several factors that can be best considered by a health expert. However, the regular users of the health product enjoy a dosage of 25-100 mg per day for attaining emerging benefits. The period of administration is 6-16 weeks and the dose has to be divided into 2 equal parts.

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