Manufacturer: Vermodje

Substance: Oxymetholone

Package: 100tabs x 50mg / tab



Androver is an effective oral steroid, which is manufactured by Vermodje and containing 50 mg of the hormone Oxymetholone. Another common nicknames of this popular substances are ‘A-50’, ‘ Anadrol 50’ and ‘A-bombs. According to medical science, Oxymetholone is a great medication to promote massive gains in strength and body weight. However, at the same time, you should keep in mind that this compound was originally conceived as a form of treatment for the patients who are suffering from the diseases, which cause the body to die, such as HIV.

It is known that Oxymetholone is an artificial model of the male hormone testosterone, which is exchanged just like any other anabolic steroid. It can be said that their medical purpose that is used to cope with anemia is brought about by the manufacture of inadequate purple blood cells. In this case, Oxymetholone stimulates the body to provide purple blood cells by selling the synthesis of EPO, which is known as Erythropoietin. Hence, due to its positive results in muscle mass growth, it is used for bodybuilding functions.

Some important notes about Oxymetholone

Androver is a very fast-acting steroid and its effects can be towards the end of the first week. That is the reason why Oxymetholone can make a great kick-start to any swelling cycle. But at the same time, it is important to note that A-50 can be toxic liver if not used responsibly.


The dose of Androver should be based on body weight. In each adult and children, it is around 1.5-2 mg or 50-200 mg a week. When Androver is run to deal with any of the above medical problems, your response is rarely quick and should take a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

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