Manufacturer: NasPharma

Substance: Oxymetholone

Package: 50tabs x 50mg / tab



The bodybuilding realm has often praised the properties of Anasteron that is manufactured by NasPharma. Any form steroid has the amazing property of rendering immense benefits to the individuals. Just like them, Anastron is also highly impactful for rendering a wide range of key properties to its users. According to the bodybuilders, this is the most potent health supplement known to them ever.

Some basic information about Anasteron

Anasteron is found in the form of oral tablets containing the substance Oxymetholone or Oxandrolone. This is a byproduct of dihydrotestosterone that makes it a wonderful product to be used for holding the stability of nitrogen in the body. Unlike certain other health supplements, Anasteron does not get converted into estrogen. However, it has been found highly impactful in mass increase in the body.

The major positive impacts of Anasteron

It’s an amazing property of muscle mass growth has made it a huge hit among the professional bodybuilders. The athletes have also been using it for intensifying the scope of performance in their respective field. Besides, using it individually Oxymetholone is also used with other steroids as a stacking element. With this, the qualities of other steroids are also gained by the individuals. The fitness enthusiast individuals can also gain boosting of strength with the completion of the steroid cycle.

Apt dosage to be administered by individuals

Anasteron manufactured by NasPharma is hugely preferred by the bodybuilders. They consume it in the average range of 100-150 mg per day for gaining strength and endurance.

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