Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim

Substance: Oxymetholone

Package: 20 tabs x 50mg / tab


The fitness enthusiasts have a great fondness for Anapoplon due to its key properties. It is also well-known as Oxymethanolone or Anadrol among the users. This compound is a synthetically derived steroidal element possessing anabolic and androgenic features. Anapolon is manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim which is one of the leading manufacturers of health supplements.

The key benefits of using Anapolon

Anapolon is enlisted amongst the most potent health supplements being available in the market. It has got the base element as testosterone and possesses its qualifying properties. The element is highly effective among bodybuilders for boosting up strength by increasing the level of nitrogen.

Anadrol is also administered by the athletes and fitness conscious individuals for enhancing performance. When used in the right proportion, this oral tablet can help in gaining weight.

These features of the product have made it an instant hit in the market. Several of the bodybuilders and athletes purchase it without any prescription from online.

Key feature of the compound

The fitness enthusiasts have words of praise for the efficacies reactions of the product. It is one of the rare health supplements which is highly estrogenic. Therefore, the proportion of dosage has to be taken into serious consideration.

Appropriate dosage meant for administration

Anapolon is manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim offering the assurance of accessing premium quality product. However, it is not meant to be used by children. The dosage of Anadrol depends on the body weight of the individual. However, a dose of 50-200mg-week can show effective results.

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