Manufacturer: AxioLabs

Substance: Trenbolone Mix

Package: 10ml vial [200mg / 1ml]



Trinaplex 200 manufactured by AxioLabsis one of the highly appreciated and enjoyed the products by fitness enthusiasts. The component of the product is the powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid Trenbolone Mix. Tren Mix also goes well with the name of Tren Mix. The various individually derived products of Trenbolone possess certain high qualities. However, the potentiality of Trenbolone Mix has taken the features several levels high. It is available in the form of a vial to be injected into the intramuscular region.

General information about Trinaplex 200

Trinaplex is a combination of three powerful esters of Trenbolone combined together for forming a potent health supplement. The esters included in it are acetate, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, and enanthate. All these esters together create hormonal changes over a period of time. Due to the reactions, the individuals gain several major benefits out of the administration of the product.

The positive impact of using Trenbolone Mix

There are a set of benefits of using the Trinaplex 200 manufactured by AxioLabs. However, the positive impacts can be gained only if it is administered along with exercise and adequate diet.

It has got the potentiality of gaining muscle mass rapidly in athletes and other fitness enthusiasts. But, it has to be teamed up with proper training, and a diet plan.

The product has the key property of reducing the level of cortisol thereby reducing the level of glucose as well as accumulation of excess fat.

Dosage for the element

The nominal dosage for the product is considered as 200 -1400 mg/week.

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