Manufacturer: NasPharma

Substance: trenbolone acetate

Package:  100mg / ml (10x1ml amp)



Trenbolin NasPharma was originally used by veterinarians in livestońk, in order to increase the muscular progress and increasing the urge for foods generally. This drug has the ability to accumulate muscle mass along with making the bones stronger within a very short period of time without injuring the health if taken maintaining the regular dosage scale.

This drug is also known as Tetrabolone acetate which is generally a strong anabolic or androgenic steroid form. It has the power to increase fat burning if the users’ diet was correct. It is one of the demanding products due to the way it works in the body. Its main use is to harden the body’s appearance once the body’s fat level is low enough prior to competition.

Dosages: It is always highly recommended to consult with the general physician in order to get the proper advice for dosages. Usually, the common dosages for men is in between 50-100 mg per day and for women and beginners, the dosage will be very small or it will be better to avoid recommendation of using this supplement.

Side Effects: Just like all other anabolic or androgenic forms of steroids, Finaplex (Trenbolin NasPharma is also known in this name) is associated with numerous unwanted effects. Generally, this drug is well tolerated and has minimal estrogenic results and that is the reason behind the popularity this drug has in the market.

Insomnia, hypertension, increased aggression, decreased libido, kidney injury virilization and cough have been seen in some cases.

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