Manufacturer: AxioLabs

Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate

Package: 10ml vial [200mg / 1ml]



The individuals using health supplements for gaining desirable physique prefer using Trenaplex E 200 manufactured by AxioLabs. This is an intramuscular injectable steroid containing the powerful substance Trenbolone Enanthate. The substance also goes well with the name of Tren E among its users. The product is a long-lasting injectable health supplement showing great results when administered appropriately. The long-lasting reaction is due to the presence of the powerful and long acting ester Enanthate with parent element Testosterone.

Some basic information about Trenbolone Enanthate

This product has shown wonderful results as a cutting agent and has been used for varied professionals in the sports realm. The professional athletes use it for reducing the extra pounds developed in the body. It can turn magical reactions to its users if the proportion of dosage is managed adequately. Therefore, it is considered as an agent for building muscles as well as burning fat.

Major advantages of administering Trenaplex E

As the Trenaplex E 200 manufactured by AxioLabs contains Trenbolone Enanthate it possesses its key benefits.

It is known for its highly potential properties of anabolic and androgenic elements

This can be used as an agent for the cutting or bulking cycles

This is also used for hardening and defining muscles


Dose to be administered

The proportion for dosage differs for the beginners as well as the regular users. The beginners have to follow a cycle for up to 4 weeks and professionals could continue it for 9 weeks. The proportion of dosage can be consulted from a trusted expert.

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