Manufacturer: AxioLabs

Substance: trenbolone acetate

Package: 10 ml vial [100mg / 1ml]



Injectable anabolic supplements have some miraculous results for the users and Trenaplex A 100 is one of the highly functional anabolic substances the key ingredient of which is Trenbolone Acetate. This chemical substance is massively used by the athletes for performance enhancement and this has really helped them to achieve what they are looking for. the acetate ester of the effective hormone trenbolone is used for rapid enhancement of strength and endurance which helps the athletes to deliver the best performance on the field.

When stacked with other major anabolic supplements, this can offer tremendous weight gain as well, means it can work as a bulking agent at that time. With proper administration, Trenaplex A 100 can provide desired results to everyone.

Administration: The appropriate dosage is very important to achieve the best results out of any anabolic supplement. One needs to follow the dosage effectively in order to receive the best benefits. The standard dosage for Trenbolone Acetate is 100-300mg per week and along with that, following the cycle properly is important too! In this instance, the standard cycle is 6-8 weeks.

Side effects: It is believed that anabolic supplements would come some sort of side effects and that is true in most instances however, with proper administration and dosage, such adverse effects can be eliminated.

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