Manufacturer: NasPharma

Substance: Trenbolone Enanthate

Package: 200mg / ml (10x1ml amp)



Trenabol is also known as trenbolone enanthate which is regularly popular for every cut and bulking cycles. It is one of the desired and mostly used by today’s bodybuilders which is highly effective and use to bring rapid outcome in the body. It comes under both the anabolic and androgenic forms which are chemically incapable of aromatizing of this product.

Due to that, it does not produce accumulation of estrogens. With the excessive androgenic properties, it helps to make the muscle very hard and defined. The common trade names of this product are trenabol depot 100, trenbolone enanthate. One can easily get the change in the body after the very first day of using this product, but following the dosages is highly advised.

Dosages: As per the scheduled measurement, the daily dosage of this product is between 37.5 to 75 mg during the steroid cycle. For additional dosages, you will write in particular person esters profiles. Typically, trenbolone can take 4-16 weeks depending on the ester of course. If taken this product on the very first time, then advice from the physician is recommended.

Side Effects: If the user is not paying much attention toward the dosages of this product, then one must face several unwanted problems on their skin and health as well. Fat pores and skin, aggressive behavior, hair loss, water retention have been seen in some common cases. Acnes in several parts of the body is reportedly common on the early stage of using this product.


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