Testosterone Propionate Cooper Pharma 5ml [100mg/amp]


Manufacturer: Cooper Pharma

Substance: Testosterone propionate

Package:  100mg / ml (5x1ml amp)


Testosterone is one of the most significant hormones produced naturally in the human body and it has plenty of effects in the body. The different esters of it are responsible for various welfare of the human body and increasing the libido is one of them. Moreover, this ester form of the hormone is also known as the fast acting testosterone due its quick action taking ability that starts within 1 day.

The substance is available in injectable form and it has direct impact into the bloodstream of your body. This anabolic supplement is much appreciated by the athletes and bodybuilders because of its quick action ability.


In order to achieve the best outcome from this anabolic supplement, it is very important to follow exact dosage. As far as testosterone Propionate is concerned, the effective dosage would vary for both men and women however, this fast acting ester can be taken every 2-3 days and the dosage would vary from 100-300mg. Initially one should start with lower dosage and increase the same gradually.


For taking any anabolic supplement, some precautions must be followed moreover, if you are having any special health condition, you need to be precise about the dosage and the consumption of the supplement. This supplement should be taken with great precautions if you are having any of the following:

  • Breast cancer
  • Hepatic Dysfunction
  • Prostate cancer
  • Coronary problems

Side effects

Like most other anabolic supplements, this supplement too has some minor side effects that can be prevented with proper usage and dosage. Some of the common adverse effects are; vomiting, headache, changes in skin color and etc.

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