Manufacturer: Swiss Pharm

Substance: Testosterone Enanthate

Package: 10ml vial [250mg / 1ml]


Testex E250 is a widely used androgenic and anabolic steroid widely used by the athletes. It is a long-term injectable testosterone whose effects stay for longer duration. The most standard quality of this product is manufactured by the Swiss Pharm. So, always purchase the Testex E250 of this manufacturer for maximum result.

The prime ingredient Testosterone Enanthate delays the release of this hormone in the bloodstream of the user. This is what makes the effects stay for the longer duration. It is a worldwide popular steroid with various benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • The muscle mass of the user gets enhanced.
  • Stamina of the user is also increased.
  • The red blood cell count of the body gets boosted.
  • Recovery time is enhanced.

General information about this product

Name of the drug: Testosterone Enanthate

Class of the drug: Anabolic / Androgenic Steroids

Common brand names: Testoviron 250, Cidoteston, Testosterone Enanthate

Amount usually available in the market: Injections: 250 mg/ml


It is recommended to take 250-1000 mg per week by the experts and physicians. If an athlete needs something extra then a little more dosage is prescribed. The injections are given two per week as this steroid has long half-life of enanthate (4-5 days).

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