Sustanon is a mix of Testosterones. The diversity of esters enable Sustanon to act in several ways, both short and long term. This diverse composition enables to provide a satisfactory muscle mass seizure of qualitatively and quantitative perspective.
  • Laboratory : Organon,
  • Form : Injection,
  • Molecule :Testosterones Sustanon-Mix,
  • Concentration : 250mg/ml,
  • Presentation : 3 Ampoules of 1ml,
  • Recommended Dosage : 250-1000mg/week


Sustanon is one of the renowned steroids made with the use of a mix of testosterone. The huge diversity in this steroid products enables the steroid to act in various ways like the long and short term.

Some general information related to Sustanon 250

Form: Injection

Molecule: Testosterones Sustanon-Mix

Concentration: 250 mg/ml

Presentation: 3 Ampoules of 1 ml

Benefits of taking Sustanon 250

  • It enhances the muscle mass in the user’s body.
  • It also helps in the cutting of the excess body in the human body.
  • It gives an overall enhancement by improving the endurance power, stamina, and recovery rate of the users.

The best quality of this product is manufactured by the manufacturer Organon. So, whenever you plan to use this particular product make sure to purchase the product of this manufacturer.

Doses of this product

The most common recommended dosages of this product are 250-1000 mg/week. As it is the mixture of 4 strong testosterones, so it allows to maintain a high rate of testosterone over a period of 4 weeks. But, for acquiring a perfect result by the use of this product, it will be better to consult a physician before its use.

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