Manufacturer: General European Pharm

Substance: Stanozolol

Package:  96tabs x 10mg / tab



The utilization of the health supplements is greatly admired by the health enthusiasts. Both in the realms, professional and personal, they come out with incredible health results. Stanolic is a popular health stimulating compound that is hugely utilized among the health admirers. Composed by Stanozolol, this health element is manufactured by General European Pharm. read the following passages for attaining more knowledge about this wonderful fitness stimulator.

Learn the benefits of Stanolic

Stanolic serves a wonderful job in stimulating the health of an individual. This can be classified as anabolic or androgenic steroid increasing energy and strength. Accelerating the rate of protein synthesis it doesn’t transform into estrogen and it also helps in growing considerable amount of muscles. Like most other health elevators it doesn’t cause water retention in the body. Moreover, it is most famous for giving a lean and ripped image to the physique of an individual and it also stimulates the level of endurance at the time of heavy exercise. Besides, it improves the health with vivaciousness and power.

How to ditch the side effects

The side effects of utilizing Stanolic can be evaded if its overdose can be avoided. Hence, the best way is to take the observation of a health expert. The over dosage of this can cause hair loss in men and a heavier and deeper voice in women. Besides, it can also cause abdominal pain, tiredness, and other health issues.

A general intake for men includes 2mg for three times  a day and for women it is 2mg twice a day or 4 mg once a day.

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