– Manufacturer: Biosira Pharmaceuticals

– Pack: 100 tablets (25mg/tab)

– Chemical Substance : Methenolone Acetate


Methenolone Acetate is one of the highly impactful and potent health supplements that have ever hit the market. These oral tablets are preferred and administered by several of the renowned sports personalities in the sports realm. This is manufactured by a genuine manufacturer Biosira Pharmaceuticals for rendering great health to its users.

 Major feature of Methenolone Acetate

Amongst its key features, one of the major points is its potentiality of rendering great benefits to the athletes. This health product consists of both anabolic and androgenic compounds. However, the proportion of the anabolic properties is more than its androgenic features. Just like any other health supplements, it has got some side-effects due to overdosing. But, the relaxation is its impacts are less complicated as compared to others.

The key benefits of administering Methenolone Acetate

This health product has the provision of delivering several unique benefits to its users. Losing excessive fat keeps a bodybuilder as well as an athlete fit and fine. The combination of regular exercising, balanced diet and the administration of Methenolone Acetate help in attaining a lean physique. Methenolone Acetate manufactured by Biosira Pharmaceuticals renders quality muscle mass, lose excess fat, and develop physical strength to the individuals.

 The appropriate dosage of Methenolone Acetate

This is an oral steroid available in the form of oral tablets. The regular users enjoy a dosage of 200-300mg administered per day. However, for the beginners, the proportion is quite less. Hence, the suggestion of a trusted and reputed professional health expert is recommended to all.

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