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Peptide used for lean mass gain, the MOD-GRF (1-29) Biopeptide of Lifetech-Labs is similar to the CJC-1295, the only difference is their respective duration of action. Actually, the MOD GRF (1-29) has a relatively short duration (a few minutes) allowing intermittent dosages, while the CJC-1295 has an extended duration of action preventing the possibility of such a dosage.
  • Laboratory : Lifetech-Labs,
  • Form : Subcutaneous injection,
  • Molecule : MOD-GRF (1-29),
  • Concentration : 1.8 mg/vial,
  • Presentation : 10 Vials of 1.8 mg,
  • Recommended Dosage : 300 mcg 2 times a day (before breakfast and before going to bed),
  • Dilution : Use 2 ml of sterilized water,
  • Dose per vial : 6*300 mcg (1 vial for 3 days),
  • Dose per injection : 300 mcg = 0.33ml (33 units on the insulin syringe),


Peptides are used by various sports personalities such as bodybuilders and athletes for attaining physical attributes. Mod GRF (1-29) manufactured by Lifetech Labs is a powerful growth hormone peptide.

 Some basic information on Mod GRF (1-29)

Mod IGF 1-29 is one of the potent Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) available in the market. It is often compared with another peptide due to their similar reactions. But, individuals willing to gain positive results in a short duration prefer to inject themselves with this peptide. It takes only a few minutes for the growth hormone peptide for beginning the reaction. This indicates that the results get visible in a short span of time.

Gain some amazing physical attributes with Mod GRF 1-29

The peptide is available in the form of Subcutaneous injection that has to be inserted into the intramuscular tissue. The fitness enthusiasts, professional bodybuilders or even the athletes use it for gaining lean mass. However, the attractive physique can only be gained when the individuals get involved in regular exercising. Administering the Mod GRF 1-29 manufactured by Lifetech Labs gives lean mass and burns excess fat from the body.

 The adequate dosage of Mod GRF 1-29

The reaction of a peptide or a health supplement depends a lot on the proportion of the dosage administered. An overdose of the peptide would make the individual suffer severe side-effects which are best if avoided. Hence, the ideal dosage for Mod IGF 1-29 is 300mcg taken twice a day. The suggestion of a professional health expert is also recommended.


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