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The peptide that gives amazing muscular development is IGF-1 – LR3 Biopeptide of-Lifetech Labs (insulin-like growth factor) and belongs to the family of peptides having a structure identical to that of insulin.  This is a highly anabolic hormone that is released in the liver and in peripheral tissues in response to GH so that new muscle fibers are constructed.
  • Laboratory : Lifetech-Labs
  • Form : Subcutaneous Injection
  • Molecule : IGF-1 LR3
  • Concentration : 100mcg/vial
  • Presentation : 10 Vials of 100mcg
  • Recommended Dosage : 100 mcg once a day (before going to bed)
  • Dilution : Use 1 ml of sterilised water
  • Dose per vial : 1*100 mcg (1 vial for 1 day)
  • Dose per injection : 100 mcg = 1ml (100 unities in the insulin syringe)


The highly potent peptide IGF-1 LR3 is manufactured by Lifetech Labs a reputed pharmaceutical company. This is one of the highly influential peptides that have created an impact on the sportspersons of the sports realm. The professional bodybuilders and athletes use it during the training session for gaining major benefits out of it.

 The key feature of IGF-1 LR3

The use of IGF-1 peptide has influenced the lives of numerous individuals in a positive manner. The peptide IGF-1 LR3 is the long-acting version of IGF-1 that extends the potentiality of the peptide by several hours. It is also stacked with other health supplements during the cycle of PCT for gaining faster results.

 The main functions of the peptide

IGF-1 LR3 manufactured by Lifetech Labs helps in developing new muscle fibers and stimulating the growth of satellite muscle cells. The peptide is highly anabolic in nature and stimulates the Insulin-like growth factor. This belongs to the family of peptides that has a resemblance to the insulin produced in the body.

The appropriate dosage for administering IGF-1 LR3

The peptide IGF-1 LR3 is available in the form of 1000 mcg per vial. It has to be administered keeping in mind the exact proportion of dosage recommended by the professional health expert. However, the recommended dosage for the regular users is 100mcg/day taken once in a day. It has to be injected prior to going to bed. An overdosing of the element could bring side-effects to the individuals which are better to be avoided.


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