Manufacturer: Sciroxx

Substance: Testosterone Blend

Package: 10ml [300mg / 1ml] vial



Pentadex 300 Sciroxx is generally a mixture of injectable testosterone based on oil. It is the only steroid that contains 5 different testosterone esters, testosterone propionate (50 mg), testosterone phenyl propionate (50 mg), testosterone enantiate (60 mg), testosterone cypionate (60 mg), testosterone decanoate (80 mg).

Though, a lower dosage model can also be produced apart from this mixture. Sustanon is designed to provie the rapid but widespread release of testosterone in the body. The common name of this drug is testosterone mix and it comes under the anabolic or androgenic forms of steroids in the market basically.

Dosages: The common trade names are sustanon 250, omnadren 250, testosterone compound which comes with some of the common dosages which every user need to follow. 250-1000 mg per week is very typical with this drug along with an average of about 250 mg per day. As with any drug, some used higher dosages to accelerate the growth process in a rapid way.

One can easily achieve excellent result with the dosage of 500-750 mg in every 7-10 days. Women are highly recommended to not use this product and, though none have reported doing so. They use to avoid this product because of the compound and the effects which will only bring virilization to their bodies.

Side Effects: Throughout the exogenous administration of androgens, the release of endogenous testosterone is inhibited by the pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH) feedback. In male bodies, at massive doses of exogenous androgens and in female bodies, virilization is common to face.

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