Manufacturer: NasPharma

Substance: Oxandrolone

Package: 50tabs x 5mg / tab



Along with a regular fitness protocol, the inclusion of the fitness compound cycles is very famed among the professionals and amateur health enthusiasts. The health stimulating agents such as Oxandrolone are preferred by individuals for promoting health such as sustaining a healthy weight, boosting up athletic performance and also burning the excess amount of fat in the body.  Composed by Oxandrolone this health compound is manufactured by NasPharma.

Learn the significant benefits

The users of this compound is can enjoy various forms of well being such as

  • Body building – Including the use of Oxandrolone the bodybuilders can gain solid muscles and an impressive weight.
  • Performance booster – The use of this is very popular among the pro athletes for improving performances in the realm of sports.
  • Cuts fat – It is very effective as a fat cutter and thus it can be used as a remedy to deal with overweight.

Side effects to be careful of

An overdose of the intake of Oxandrolone can cause health complications like nausea, diarrhea, headache, lack of libido etc.

Suitable dosage for gaining  safe results

Categorized as an anabolic or androgenic steroid this has comparatively lower side effects than the others. This is one of those intakes which are suitable for women. It also has medical use as a fast healer from the injuries.

The suitable dosage of taking in Oxandrolone manufactured by NasPharma is three capsules along with water more or less 15 minutes after exercise for 2 months.

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