Manufacturer: Sciroxx

Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate

Package: 10ml [300mg / 1ml] vial


Nandrodex 300 is a one of the well-known injectable anabolic or androgenic steroids which has launched on the steroids market by the prescription drugs Sciroxx. They are the Ultimate Provider of Anabolic Steroids in the market these days’. Nandrodex 300 is based on pharmaceutical drugs Nandrolone Decanoate often known as Deca Durabolin from Sciroxx or Easy Deca.

Nandrolone decanoate is a parenteral anabolic steroid and is used mainly to treat anemia, chronic failure, osteoporosis and AIDS-associated loss syndrome. This agent is known to increase the hemoglobin level and red blood cell mass. With the development of recombinant human erythropoietin, the use of nandrolone decanoate in anemia related to chronic renal failure has decreased.

Dosages: It is highly recommended to consult with your general dietician or physician about the product and follow the advice about the dosages which will be perfect for your health and also will help you to avoid several unwanted issues from getting in your health. The common dosage for men is usually 400-600 mg per week which needs to carry on consecutive 8-12 weeks for better result and for women; the dosage is around 50-100 mg per week.

Side Effects: Getting changes in sexual behaviors or efficiency is common to have along with diarrhea, hair loss, headache, sleeping discomfort and other side effects about those, this list will not mention or describe at all. If you are facing several problems after using this product on the very first time, then you must name your health care provider instantly to get rid of those.

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