– Manufacturer: Bio-Peptide, Hong King
– Pack: 5mg
– Chemical Substance : MGF


Pertaining to injury is quite a normal issue for individuals indulging in building a fit physique. The injectable growth factor MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) manufactured by Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong is highly impactful.

The unique property of MGF Bio Peptide

The unique feature of the product that keeps it different from others is its ability of transformation. It has got the unique property of converting wasted muscle tissues into newly generated ones. It enhances the muscle stems cells with the process of protein synthesis, thereby gaining desired results.

Major benefits experienced by individuals using MGF

The huge popularity and increase in demand of the products are due to the key properties rendered by the substance. Some of the key beneficiaries of MGF Bio peptide manufactured by Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong are as follows:

  • It helps in faster recuperation from any injury caused during exercising
  • Helps in accelerating muscle growth and development in the individuals
  • Create a positive impact on the development of fresh muscle tissue and fiber
  • Impactful in regaining muscle mass due to muscle wastage in aging years
  • Strengthens the level of immunity in the body

Dosage recommended for MGF

The proportion of dosage depends on a lot of factors such as the physical condition, the tolerance power, requirement, etc. Therefore, the proportion of dosage differs from person to person. Generally, for the starters, the dose recommended is 100mcg/week and for the professional users, it is 200mcg/week. However, the best advice can only be rendered by health experts, hence, consulting them is advised.

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