Manufacturer: Generics Pharm

Substance: Metandienone

Package: 96tabs x 5mg / tab



Methandrostenolone is one of the most popular supplements which is generally in use to treat and strengthen the muscle mass. It is one the oldest steroids even, so, you can understand how the requirement of this product is in the online market. It was developed in Germany and was released in the USA around 1960, which is also an orally-effective anabolic steroid.

It is also a controlled substance in the USA and Western Europe, but this product is also readily available even without a prescription in countries such as Mexico. It is also being manufactured in Asia and many of the East European countries. One must get to know that it is a great substance to help to get quality muscle mass along with stronger bones.

Dosages: The optimum daily dose is 25 to 30 mg per day not more than that proportion. One needs to use this product for consecutive 6 weeks which is applicable only for professionals who have in taken steroids beforehand. Otherwise, for fresher this dosage can be superfluous which is good to be avoided by them to face.

Side Effects: The reaction of excessive usage of the Methandrostenolone includes, iron deficiency anemia, atherosclerosis, dypesia (nausea, vomiting, stomachache, etc.) peripheral adema, improved leukemoid syndrome along with violation in liver syndrome, these reactions are common people use to deal with after consuming some excessive dosages of this product.

It is always important to avoid the excessive usages of this product which can bring some common problems like discoloration of feces, headache, rash, darkened urine, etc.

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