– Manufacturer: Bio-Peptide, Hong Kong
– Pack: 10mg
– Chemical Substance : GHRP-2


The revolutionary impact of the growth hormone in the human body is immense and GHRP 2 is just the brother of the GHRP-6 and it is a hexapeptide which is a pure growth hormone secretagogue. Moreover, this supplement is also a synthetic agonist of ghrelin however, few of the users have noticed slight increment in the hunger level.

The substance act to release the Human Growth Hormone which is extremely essential for plenty of positive traits to take place in your body. The hormone helps attractive muscle growth along with strength enhancement and bone strength enhancement. So, the combination of these two supplements is extremely beneficial for those who are aiming for spectacular muscles. Stacking this supplement with any other supplement is of great advantage.

Administration: Just like any other peptides, the dosage of GHRP-2 is also very important to help you achieve the desired traits. The substance is available as lyophilized powder which should be stored at a cool place. it is available in injectable form and can be taken at higher dosage if needed for any purpose. Normally, the dosage is split into 2-3 mild dosage during the day with a recommended limit of 100-300mcg per injection. However, it is always suggested to consult with professional physician regarding the dosage for better results.

Side effects: There are some mild side effects of this supplement and the slight increase in hunger level can be noted duly. Aside from that, some of the common side effects are; elevated levels of cortisol and prolactin, this is only experienced when the users are taking higher dosage (more than 200mcg/injection).

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