Manufacturer: Pfizer

Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Package:  1 x 16IU Pen



Genotropin 16 IU is one of the popular steroid products that the bodybuilders and athletes use to build their muscles quickly. Incorporating with its primary substance i.e. human growth hormone, it shows significant and effective results in growing the muscles quickly. The Genotropin 16 IU injections are available in the package of 1 x 16IU Pen. There are many bodybuilding professionals who use Genotropin for their steroid cycles. Human growth hormone, one of the essential substances of Genotropin, produces naturally inside the body. By injecting the artificially made human growth hormone to the body, you can enhance the effectiveness of it to produce better results in muscle development.

Pfizer is one of the renowned manufacturers of steroids products that produce the Genotropin 16 IU synthetically in the laboratory. Genotropin Go Quick 16iu by Pfizer is a well-known product that most of the bodybuilders and athletes use for their steroid cycles.

General Information

Human growth hormone belongs to the drug class of anabolic or androgenic steroids. The common amount of drugs that are used in a human growth hormone injection is 15-100 IU.


The suggested dosage for the regular users who want to get the optimal results using the human growth hormone is 4 iu. It can be used in an interval of 18 hours.


Human growth hormone can help the bodybuilding professionals to get the strong and well-formed muscles quickly and effectively. By following the dosage guide properly, you can achieve the results without any major side-effects.

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