Manufacturer: Pfizer

Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Package: 10 x 36IU cartridge



The significance of the growth hormone is now known to all and it has plenty of benefits for the human body. Starting from impressive muscle growth to bone density improvement and even developing the sexual characteristics. This hormone can perform so many things and it is produced from the pituitary gland and at the base of the brain.

Over the years, many of its beneficial effects have been discovered by the scientists and it is seen that it helps men with Erectile Dysfunction to develop their erection with appropriate stimulation. The regular consumption of the dosage can improve the physical traits in men.

Administrations: While we are talking about extracting the best benefits from the Genotropin (an HGH supplement), we must follow the appropriate administration of this supplement. It is seen that the dosage vary significantly from one individual to another. However, the recommended daily dosage of Genotropin is 0.025-0.035 mg / kg body weight or 0.7-1.0 / m2 body surface area. Moreover, it is always recommended to ask for professional suggestion from authorized physicians

Side effects: Inappropriate administration of HGH can cause various types of side effects and some of those include; joint and muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathies, increased glucose level in blood and etc.

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