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The first anabolic steroid (androstenone) was isolated in 1931 in Germany and three years later synthesized by Croatian-Czech chemist Leopold Ruzicka who worked in Switzerland. The following year, scientists managed the isolation of testosterone and the first clinical trials (administration of testosterone propionate and metyltestostérone) took place in 1937. The first steroid users, who were taking these substances in order to increase muscle mass and physical strength, were Olympians.

During weightlifting championship in 1954 in Vienna, the doctor of the Soviet team spoke with his American colleague about the substances he gave to his athletes… He revealed the secret of the Soviet success – testosterone. The American doctor was none other than John B. Ziegler, an amateur bodybuilder and skilled chemist working for Ciba Pharmaceutical Laboratories. He began his own experiments with steroids on his return to the USA. His work resulted in the launch of a new drug on the market–Dianabol.To date, Dianabol is still considered one of the most effective anabolic steroids in history.

In the sixties, it was clear that some Californian athletes largely surpassed their competitors in all respects and that it was not due to the dietary protein supplements of Joe Weider. This was the start of the steroid boom. At the time, steroids were still quite legal …

Later. they were banned in official competitions. However, this provision has never been done in the case of bodybuilding. Anabolic steroids are controlled substances in many countries, including the United States, Canada, France, the UK, Australia, Argentina and Brazil, while in other countries such as Mexico and Thailand, they are freely available.


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We are a legitimate company, registered in the commercial register of Thailand with a full 15 agency employees. We have a legal status, pharmaceutical licensing and we pay taxes.

We purchase all products directly from official manufacturers and we are a genuine and recognized dealer. You can view all the benefits of buying with a real professional site on the page.

  • 1cc (cubic centimeter) is equal to 1ml (milliliter), it measures the volume. For example if a bottle contains 10ml of liquid, this corresponds to 10ccs.
  • 1mg (milligram) measures the dose of a medication, 1mg equals 1/1000 gram.
  • 1mcg (microgram) equals 1/1000 of milligram.
  • 1 International Unit (IU) is also used to measure the dose of a preparation for the hormones, for example.

We want to attract your attention to the fact that will not be held responsible for seizures, breakage or loss of your package. A ” Delivery guaranteed ” option entitles you to have your order resent immediately and without justification (just the status of the carrier) of customs seizure or loss of the package. In case of breakage, a reshipping of damaged products will be carried out immediately. You must provide a photo of the broken item in its original packaging.

In case you paid for order insurance your delivery is guaranteed.

We have a complete transparency policy on the products we sell. We recognize the need to have the maximum of information in order to use steroids safely.

For this we have implemented several systems to be as available as possible to advise you: an advanced online chat and support by email. Real specialists are available to you, people who have mastered the subject perfectly. You are in good hands!


Yes, we ship worldwide; from Albania to Zimbabwe with a success rate of almost 98%. This means that we can ship to all European countries, Mexico, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, and Turkey … and many others. However we do not ship to Australia, Canada, New Zeland.

Anabolic steroids are controlled substances in many countries including the United States, Canada, France, the UK, Australia, Argentina and Brazil, while in other countries such as Thailand, they are freely available.

This is why most manufacturers are based in Thailand. By cons, your parcels are delivered from Europe where we have the bulk of our inventory.

Anywhere between 5-10 business days. The items are packaged and shipped within 5 business days upon receipt of payment. We are not responsible for delays after the products have left our facility. If a parcel is not showing up, please be patient, don’t assume automatically we are scammers. Mail delays occur from time to time and delivery might take a little longer. Above date is just an estimate, we can’t guarantee delivery time

Orders are automatically canceled by our system after 7 days if we have not received proof of your payment.

If your order was canceled, you must restart the purchasing process from the beginning.

No, it is very important to take into account that we regularly change the names of beneficiaries, about every week. So you should always take the latest information sent to you by email.

Most likely, the cause of non-receipt is your ANTI-SPAM filter. Just check the SPAM folder in your email inbox. We advise you to save our email address to your contacts to ensure receipt of our emails.

If your order is not yet sent, it is possible to change quickly and easily by contacting customer service via online chat or email.

If your order is already sent it is obvious that we can not change it. It is very important to take into account that order cancellations are not accepted once the payment is received.

There is no minimum or maximum. For orders above 1,000 EUR, we advise you to make a bank transfer to avoid significant costs.

The order confirmation and the complete procedure to make payment is sent to your email address automatically and immediately after you submit your order.

Once payment is received, we process and ship your order within 1-5 days. The delivery time will depend on various factors such as the shipping method, the efficiency of the postal service of the country, customs clearance, international transit, etc … This explains why we can give an approximation based on our statistics and our previous experiences of about 5 days to Europe and 5-15 days to USA.

All our shipments have a tracking number and you can follow online all stages of delivery.

The products are packaged with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. Our name or anything else that implies the content of pharmaceutical packaging is never used in our shipments.

If the order is too large to be sent in a single parcel, the order will be divided into two or more packages on different days.

No prescription is required to order products from our shop.

Yes, the minimum age is 21 years. By ordering products on our online anabolic steroids shop, you automatically declare that you are 21 years of age or older.

We buy in very large quantities directly from suppliers and we maintain low overheads.


They differ according to the preferences of each, but it can be said that the quality of steroids produced by Alpha-Pharma, LA-Pharma, British Dispensary, Meditech and MaxPro are the most popular brands.
Lifetech-Labs is by far the market leader in peptides.


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