– Chemical Substance : Boldenone Undecylenate

– Manufacturer: BM Farmaceutical

– Pack: 6 X 2ML Vial

– 1ml = 250mg


The base of all the health supplements is the synthetically derived version of the natural hormone Testosterone. The powerful injectable anabolic compound Bolden 250 manufactured by Genesis Pharmaceuticals is impactful.


The basic characteristic of Bolden 250

The introduction of the anabolic compound in the market has brought in a new ray of hope for the fitness enthusiasts. This is one of the notable compounds that are highly effective in making an individual gain strong and lean muscles in the due course of time.


The key factors for the effectiveness of Boldenone Undecylenate

The potentiality of the injectable anabolic compound has brought name and fame to numerous individuals. It has got the key property of delivering lean muscle mass when combined with regular exercising. This is a very good supplement for elevating the level of appetite in the individuals. These unique factors of Bolden 250 manufactured by Genesis pharmaceuticals have made it one of the highly acclaimed steroids available in the market.


The standard dosage of Bolden 250 for users

Just like any other health supplement, the dosage of Bolden 250 differs from person to person depending on their requirement. Several factors work in ensuring the exact proportion of the dose to be administered. Hence, the consultation of a health expert is always recommended for all the individuals. Generally, a regular user has the potentiality of in-taking a range of 400-2000 mg’s per week for a period of 12-16 weeks. The frequency of the injections to be inserted is 2-3 times in a week.

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