Manufacturer: Vermodje

Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate

Package:  10ml vial [200mg / 1ml]



Boldever Vermodje (substance- boldenone undecylenate) is enriched with bodybuilding benefits like it helps the athletes to increase their performance level. It has strong anabolic impact and with a defined androgenic element. Actually, Boldenone Undecylenate is a byproduct of testosterone and has strong androgenic and anabolic characteristics. Than the other steroids, it is more effective to produce red blood cells in the human body and that’s why a lot of sportsmen prefer this supplement.

Workings– it is mentioned that this product is enriched with all the bodybuilding benefits. And most of the bodybuilders prefer this because it helps them to increase their endurance. First of all, it has proved its effectiveness in the red blood cell production. To increase the performance level or to feel energized for all the day without feeling tired there is no alternative to Boldever Vermodje. It will significantly produce a lot of red blood cells in the body and these cells carry a lot of oxygen to the muscles. Oxygen acts as the fuel to produce more energy and this energy helps the athletes to do more practice and to give better performance. Along with this, it enhances anabolism or tissue building capabilities, inhibits catabolism, preserves the health of lean muscle tissue, promotes protein synthesis.

Dosage– to get the best and effective result men can use 200-600mgs per week and women can use 50-100mgs per week.

Side effects– with the proper diet and dosage you will not face any side effects but the people who are very prone to estrogen may face some estrogenic undesirable effects.

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